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We have the right equipment and experience necessary to really make your windows shine. Many companies use extendable poles with superfluous contraptions on the end to clean your windows. These methods are prone to leaving unsightly streaks, smears, and smudges. With our years of experience, we find that hand cleaning windows using hand tools and squeegees from a ladder is the best way to make your windows truly sparkle. While slightly more time consuming, our method of window washing will leave no residue, streaks, or smears that make you question the cleanliness of the window.

We can clean all glass: inside windows, outside windows, skylights and sun-rooms. Ask about adding tracks and screens for a package deal. Our window cleaning professionals have been washing windows in London area since 2020.

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The Professional Difference

While it may seem straightforward and simple enough to clean your own windows, doing a quality job requires a bit more preparation and finesse then most believe. A spray bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towels may seem adequate at the time, but the imperfections with this method are apparent the moment the sun hits that spot in the sky. It is important to have the right tools – squeegees, towels, etc – or residue will be left on the windows, streaks will be visible, and smears or smudges may be left.

To do it right, and to do it well, window cleaning takes proper technique. We clean windows for hundreds of clients every year; we have the right equipment and expertise to truly make your windows sparkle.




Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning

Inside windows, outside windows, or both. We can get it done quickly, efficiently, and impressively. All of our guys are equipped with the necessary tools to clean all types of window glass while moving around your home and maintaining a clean working environment. We are always sure to protect window sills, and wipe down any overspray or drips. The only thing you will notice when we are done is how amazingly clear your windows are.


Deck Glass Cleaning

Deck glass is constantly exposed to the elements and, as a result, can get very dirty very quickly. A thorough cleaning will make your deck presentable for entertaining again.


Sun Room Cleaning

Beautiful when installed, but slowly debris builds, and gunk appears on the glass and in the corners. We can clean that up and get you back to enjoying your sunroom as it was intended.


Skylight Cleaning

Skylight exteriors often build up a gunky mess where the water runs off. We have the right equipment and tools to safely navigate your roof and get your skylight clean again.


Other Window Cleaning Services

Ask about adding window tracks, frames, or screens to any of our window cleaning services to create an affordable package.

We hired Moreto Ventures to clean our garden shed. This required removal of substantial moss accumulation on the roof and washing the windows and siding. The technician did a superb job; the shed looks great.

Mark Proulx

Moreto Ventures was very easy to deal with by email and through their website. I requested window cleaning for the entire house and the tracks. They sent me a quote and once I accepted it they scheduled the service. The cleaning was great and the windows are spotless as are the tracks.

Marina Samaan

Absolutely fantastic to work with. Solid bidding for the job upfront, followed by extremely responsive service. Everyone was extremely professional and went above and beyond the call of duty. Fantastic work all around. Cannot thank you enough.

Rushika Bhatt

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