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Moss thrives in the damp conditions of the Northwest. Unchecked roof moss can cause lasting damage to your roof, and lead to costly repairs. Regular roof cleaning, moss removal, treatment, and inspections are a vital part of home upkeep, prolonging the life of your roof.

The Professional Difference

Experience and safety are paramount when working on roofs. All of our guys are expertly trained and equipped with the proper tools to be able to safely maintain your roof. We offer several cleaning and maintenance options based upon a variety of factors that can vary from roof to roof. Speak with us and we can help you determine what method of cleaning is best and safest for your roof.

We clean and maintain hundreds of roofs every year and we would love to be trusted with the care and maintenance of yours.


Roof Moss Removal


Lots of moss buildup on your roof? We can help get your roof looking like new again. Moss buildup and unchecked moss growth can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your roof. We offer a variety of cleaning methods that will vary from roof to roof – generally based upon type of roof, age, and overall condition. We can put together a package that is safe and effective at removing moss from your roof. Most roofs can be safely and effectively cleaned using our commercial grade, low-pressure, washing equipment.


Roof Moss Treatment


Our moss treatment powder is best applied as a preventative measure against moss growth. If your roof is moss free, or has been cleaned recently, a regular treatment will typically be sufficient to keep moss, mold, mildew and other unsavory organic material from returning. After a cleaning, we recommend a treatment application every fall; this annual application of moss preventative treatment will help ensure that no moss returns. We use a Zinc-Sulfate based moss powder that is incredibly effective at hindering the growth of moss.


Annual Roof Maintenance


One less thing for you to worry about. Our pros can keep your roof (and gutter system!) maintained. In the Northwest, an annual or semi annual visit is typically what we recommend. We can clean debris off of your roof, clear out your gutters, and ensure all of your downspouts are flowing. Combine this with a moss treatment application in the fall and this is a surefire way to keep your roof in top shape.


Roof Repairs, Inspections and Certifications


Buying or selling a home? It is common to need a ‘5 year roof certification’ as part of a sale or purchase agreement. We can provide these too! And you can be sure that we will honor it. Ask your real estate agent if this is something you may need. We have been in the area since 1996, and have built a strong reputation in our industry.


Pressure Washing


There is a lot of misleading information on the internet regarding safely pressure washing your roof. Most of this is directed at homeowners that choose to rent their own equipment from a big box store. Much of what is available to rent is simply subpar equipment – small machines with low volume output, and a high PSI pressure with a narrow spray angle (to compensate for the low GPM – Gallons Per Minute). Inexperience in regards to technique, coupled with improper use of this low quality rental equipment will undoubtedly lead to problems.


Our pressure washing equipment is custom built into utility trailers. These are large, commercial grade machines that are factory calibrated for the purpose of roof cleaning. What does this mean? This means that our machines are set to a low PSI (pressure – in pounds per square inch) yet maintain the high volume (Gallons Per Minute) output. We also use the widest available spray angle tips. All of this together creates the safest possible combination of cleaning power.


Pressure washing is the only way to ensure complete removal of moss, mold, mildew, and debris. All other methods are simply ineffective, not as thorough, or leave the roof looking half cleaned. A thorough washing followed by an annual moss prevention treatment is typically what we recommend, and is enough to ensure your roof looks good for years to come.


Age and condition and type of roof will dictate if we can wash your roof or not. Rest assured that we will only choose this method if we believe that it is safe for your roof.

We hired Moreto Ventures to clean our garden shed. This required removal of substantial moss accumulation on the roof and washing the windows and siding. The technician did a superb job; the shed looks great.

Mark Proulx

Moreto Ventures was very easy to deal with by email and through their website. I requested window cleaning for the entire house and the tracks. They sent me a quote and once I accepted it they scheduled the service. The cleaning was great and the windows are spotless as are the tracks.

Marina Samaan

Absolutely fantastic to work with. Solid bidding for the job upfront, followed by extremely responsive service. Everyone was extremely professional and went above and beyond the call of duty. Fantastic work all around. Cannot thank you enough.

Rushika Bhatt

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