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Gutter Cleaning Service

Clean and clear flowing gutters are a vital part of regular home maintenance. Clogged gutters and downspouts can back up, overflow, and cause a variety of expensive problems and damage – sagging gutters, or even foundation damage. Grime and dirt buildup on the exterior of your gutters creates an unsightly appearance and if left unchecked can cause semi-permanent stains.

Let Moreto Ventures deal with the nasty weather and potentially dangerous ladder climbing to restore your gutters and downspouts to full working order. We have been safely and professionally cleaning gutters in London area since 2020. Estimates are free, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Our Method

We never clean gutters from the ground using vacuum systems, long poles with water tips, or any of those gimmicky gutter cleaning apparatuses. They are ineffective and simply not practical. With our experience, we have found that the best way is to move a ladder along your gutters foot by foot and scoop out by hand the debris, placing into a bucket, and then into your yardwaste bin, or designated yard debris disposal area. We can haul away for a small additional fee.

After the gutters are clean, we ensure that your downspouts are also clear and flowing by running some water down them.

Depending on the location of your home (and the amount/type of trees around you), we typically recommend an annual or semi-annual gutter cleaning. Ask about our annual maintenance plan!


Interior Hand Cleaning

Hand cleaning the interior of your gutters is the best way to clean out your gutters. This ensures complete removal of all debris, rather than washing it down your downspouts into your drainage system – which can potentially lead to costly unearthing and repairs if you have underground blockage.


Exterior Hand Cleaning

Overflowing gutters can create black streaks and unsightly deposits on the exterior of your gutters. We have found that hand cleaning with a non-scratch sponge is the most effective way at restoring your gutter exteriors to their former look. You will be amazed what a little chemical and elbow grease can do to the appearance of your gutter exteriors.


Interior and Exterior Wash Outs

Most gutters can be safely cleaned out by hand, but occasionally obstructions such as height, pitch, or unsafe ground, make hand cleaning too dangerous. In these rare cases we will need to suggest cleaning/rinsing them out from the roof using a pressure washer. If this method is necessary, we will always do a thorough rinse-down of your home and cleanup the gutter debris from the ground.


Minor Gutter and Downspout Repair

Sagging gutters and loose hanging downspouts are unsightly, and if left in disrepair, can eventually deteriorate and become even worse. Possibly leading to your full gutter system needing to be repaired or replaced. Let us get up there and fix the gutters that may be pulling away from the house, or the downspout that has become detached or loose. Simple repairs now often save a world of headache in the future.


Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Roof need cleaning too? Ask about our roof and gutter cleaning packages. We clean hundreds of roofs every year and would love to be trusted with the care and maintenance of yours.

We hired Moreto Ventures to clean our garden shed. This required removal of substantial moss accumulation on the roof and washing the windows and siding. The technician did a superb job; the shed looks great.

Mark Proulx

Moreto Ventures was very easy to deal with by email and through their website. I requested window cleaning for the entire house and the tracks. They sent me a quote and once I accepted it they scheduled the service. The cleaning was great and the windows are spotless as are the tracks.

Marina Samaan

Absolutely fantastic to work with. Solid bidding for the job upfront, followed by extremely responsive service. Everyone was extremely professional and went above and beyond the call of duty. Fantastic work all around. Cannot thank you enough.

Rushika Bhatt

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